…and the Livin’s Easy

Yeah, summer means working full time, and whoever thought I would miss studying this much. Luckily I start my graduate studies in October, at the London School of Economics.

But, in the meantime, summer is being celebrated with sangria-drenched girls’ nights, and as many camping trips as can be managed.

We went camping at the Dune Lake Campground near Covert, Michigan.  Basically, it’s in the middle of nowhere.

I drove out to the campground down back roads, passing cows and horses, and large red barns, which eventually gave way to double wide trailers, set in clearings, on large concrete slabs, with broken down rusted cars parked beside them.  One trailer was almost blocked from view from the enormous yellow construction equipment in front of it.

Along the side of the road, telephone poles host hordes of birds on the long wires connecting them.

I found the campground in the middle of the forest, near a nature preserve.  Our campsite was right behind the dunes themselves which meant late night adventures into the depths of the sandy hills, and falling asleep beneath the most spectacular sky.

The photos I took can barely even begin to illustrate the beauty of this place, the spattering of tiny lights that turn the sky the palest of purples in places, as miniscule as the grains of sand that blanket you while creeping into every crevasse of your body.

The air was cool balmy, no longer the stagnant heat that tortured us so long this summer, squeezing sweat from our motionless bodies and driving everyone slowly into insanity.  Finally the heat broke and left the air just cool enough for me to wrap up in hoodie, and when we ventured out into the midst of the sand around 3 in the morning, our ranting about overpopulation, and our discussion of all the world’s ills was cut off by the inevitability of sleep on such a comfortable mattress.

We woke up with the first signs of dawn, the paling blue of the sky, and the wind that heralded the dark storm clouds in the distance.  Stumbling under the weight of sleep, we made our way back to the tent where I collapsed until the early morning heat drove me out into the fresh air.


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