Hello from London

So here I am in London.

My house has furniture (finally), ie, a two-person table, a small wardrobe, and a bed, my student Oyster card is on its way (hooray to not paying 30 pounds a week for transportation anymore) and my classes have begun.

Things are settling down nicely.

London is the sprawling metropolis everyone imagines, and attending LSE, in the center of this bustling place, is everything I imagined.  There are concerts, clubs, sports, whatever happens to grab your interest.

Oh and the buses come on a regular basis.

London, for all that it’s an exciting city full of museums (saw the coolest museum at the Royal College of surgeons, with misshapen skeletons and fetuses preserved in jars) and all other form of cultural events, is a bit dull after spending three years in Rome.

I can’t help feeling that the overwhelming arrogance exhibited by many of the residents here is a bit unwarranted (wearing leggings as pants or over-sized boy shirts really doesn’t make you a fashion icon) but the massively international nature of LSE makes up for that.  Meeting people from every corner of the globe makes me more than happy that I chose to be here…although a part of me yearns for that mysterious quality that makes me love Edinburgh and Rome in a way that I’ll never adore London.

Anyways, enough silly complaining about an amazing opportunity.  I’m at a great school (did I mention that its main competitors here in the UK are Oxford and Cambridge? Hey.  Look it up.) with awesome classes and incredible professors.  Also, I’m joining the rugby team.  What could be better?

Speaking of courses…here’s what I’m taking.

Social Research Methods
Gender and Societies
Families in Contemporary Societies: a Life Course Perspective
Technology, Power and Culture
Biomedicine and Bioscience in Culture and Society

Aaand my dissertation.

Gonna be busy this year, I’m thinking.

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