On Once Upon a Time


Once I was young and my hands on the handlebars felt so grown up and I drove my bike like a motorcycle or a racehorse and my mother screamed at me be careful or you might get hurt.

Once stars shone down on a mountain bathed in wind and the chill of the night and there were so many of them the sky was purple instead of black and the trees were darker than the clouds.

Once the lake stretched out forever with its waves crashing across the breakwater and the ice tumbled into itself and the night was neverending.

Once the smoke floated up above broken cardboard boxes while the rusty green walls protected us from view.

Once I ran across the slippery lichen-covered rocks fearless until the water turned my flesh to ice and I found tiny little skeletons from crustaceans littered all along the ground.

Once we drove like we were invincible and our mothers weren’t there to yell at us and we watched the smoke float high above the factory and the trees closed in and the nights were warm until we all went back out into the cold on reckless feet.


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