Why Women Should Lift Weights


I recently returned from a fabulous trip with fabulous people…an excursion to an extreme metal festival in the Netherlands called Neurotic Deathfest.  Festivals like these take a toll on you physically…all day standing, screaming, headbanging, and my favorite part…moshing.

This particular festival was exciting for me for a lot of reasons related to bands I finally got the opportunity to see, but also because I realized something amazing.  My many hours of working out have finally paid off.  Yes, I realized that I could lift heavy things much more easily than before, and my clubbell has become an extension of my arm now, but the strength I’ve gained really seemed to sink in while I was in the middle of the moshpit pushing over guys twice my size.  Win.

In case you aren’t quite sure what a moshpit is…here’s a pretty good example.

Anyways, my relationship with my muscles is admittedly a bit shaky at times.  Everyone has their insecurities, and living in a world where we are bombarded with images of flawless people and products that are supposed to make us look just like them, its no surprise that most of those insecurities have to do with our physical appearances.

Well…one of my all time insecurities is my arms.  I always wanted those long spindly arms where the elbows look giant in comparison.  Well.  Guess what, dearest Chelsea, you just aren’t made that way.

So I have a constant struggle between my desire for spindly-spider arms and my desire to work out.  Because I love working out.  And fortunately, my desire to be strong overpowers my desire to be waif-like, because I’m pretty sure in order to have those teeny tiny appendages I so desire, I would have to refuse to lift anything ever again.

One side note…most women don’t want to lift weights because they’re afraid of being big and bulky.  Well, you’re not going to look like a bodybuilder unless you devote your life to taking supplements and pumping iron, so you should be safe.  Don’t believe me?  Well take a look at this amazing strong woman.

All jokes aside, I do really love feeling strong.  Even though some days I find myself wishing my arms would shrink in size, the fact remains that there are some pretty awesome benefits to having strong arms…well and just muscles in general.

First of all, there is nothing more empowering than swinging a massive club or lifting a really heavy bar above your head.  No more words necessary, just check this out.  Oh yeah, and this.

Plus, it’s a great stress reliever and there is something really soothing about knowing that even when everything else in your life might not being going exactly as planned, you can still back squat twice your body weight.  Lifting weights gives you constant progress and an appreciation for small achievements.

Plus, you really do gain independence! Maybe this is just me being a little weird but I love not needing to ask for help…ever….  So, being strong means that you can carry heavy things more easily and at a higher speed.  This goes for groceries, 30-packs of beer, furniture, and books.

There are also lots of health benefits.  According to Bodybuilding.com and quite a few other sources, lifting weights can do all kinds of exciting and helpful things for your health.  Oh and, even Oprah is supporting weightlifting now…..since it helps you burn both more calories and more fat.  This isn’t really my area of expertise, but there are plenty of articles online about the way that lifting weights specifically benefits women.

Moral of the story, lifting weights will change your life.  It will make you feel strong and healthy and capable of anything.  Don’t believe me? Ask the She-Hulk.


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