On Our Wedding and Our Honeymoon

Image of bride and groom under a tree filled with sunflowers.

Photo by SuzDarkan Photography

I’ve been absent from this blog for far too long thanks to the craziness which has been finishing my dissertation, moving from London to Rome, and, most exciting of all, getting married.  I wish I could say things have settled down, but between the wedding preparations, job and house hunting, illness, and just general insanity, I still don’t find much time to relax.  But then, when do I ever?

I don’t often publicize posts of such a personal nature, but I think the moment is right for a slightly more intimate discussion.  Our wedding was a beautiful affair held outside of Rome, near a city called Civita Castellana.  It was full of sunflowers and sunshine and far too much wine, good food, and most importantly a lot of amazing people, some of whom came from far away lands such as Dubai, Serbia, the UK, and of course, the USA.

I can’t express how grateful I am for such a wonderful group of friends, and furthermore, for friends with such extensive talents which they gladly put to use in helping me with the wedding.  And my gratitude for my amazing friendships extends not only to those who could make it for the party, but also to those who were wishing me well from afar because they couldn’t make it in person.

After the wedding, we hadn’t had the time or the funds to plan a honeymoon.  Luckily for us, some good friends gifted us a couple brilliant items which I’ve only ever seen in Italy, called Smartboxes.  A Smartbox is a pre-paid vacation for two gifted in the form of a book full of possible vacation locations, which includes a night in a hotel or agriturismo, breakfast, and another activity unique to the location.

We, for example, chose to visit L’Antico Uliveto in Le Marche, where we managed to shed the stress of the past month in the spa.  Let me just bring your attention for a moment to the cave shaped pool, which, by the way, features a waterfall which will massage your shoulders for hours without ever getting tired.  I think I know what I’m asking for at Christmas.

For our second day, we made the trek to Umbria, passing by the really lovely  Frassassi Caves.  I’d never visited a cave before (unless Tom Sawyer’s Island in Disney World counts) and was awed and amazed by the breathtaking structures of the enormous cave system, and in particular by the towering ceiling of the first room, which is big enough for the Duomo of Milano to fit inside.  My one regret was that I was unable to take any photographs while inside due to “copyright restrictions.”

After a day filled with a lot of driving and a really delicious lunch with cheese and Crescia (a sort of flat bread similar to a less salty and heavier version of Foccaccia), we made it to Gubbio, where we stayed at a nearby agriturismo called the Ara Bandita.

The Ara Bandita is delightfully rustic, with three apartments available, an assortment of cats and dogs, and four of the happiest, most beautiful horses I’ve ever met, one of whom was rescued by the owners.  We spent our time there in utter bliss, and paid a visit to the nearby town of Gubbio which is not only beautiful, but full of places to eat all kinds of delicious dishes prepared with one of my favorite things ever…truffles.

After two nights, our mini honeymoon came to an end, and we returned to Rome, where we have finally found, signed for, and moved into our new apartment.  I’m currently working as a blogger for an exciting website called I Love Made in Italy, which will launch in the next week.

Finally, the stress of the past few months is nearly over, and things here in Rome are just beginning.  I couldn’t be more excited.



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