Saraswati Park by Anjali Joseph

P38_Anjali_Joseph_272288kTitle: Saraswati Park

Author: Anjali Joseph

Year published: 2010

Who would love it: Lovers of close character studies. People who love to think about how we can sometimes live in two completely separate worlds, even while we sleep in the same house.

Why you should read it: This book is quiet, slow. Without realizing it, you find yourself looking into the house, peering into the lives of three characters – Mohan, a silent and thoughtful man with a job from another time, Lakshmi, his restless wife, and their 19-year-old nephew Ashish who must both graduate and accept his sexuality. It’s about relationships and partnerships both old and new, about traditional and non and how different characters cope with and grow through them.

Don’t read if: You don’t have the patience for the subtler aspects of character and life in a couple.

Best quote: “This was one of the secret jokes about marriage. People turned out to be exactly the opposite of how they’d seemed at first; they then went on changing randomly, as though enacting a hypothesis of unceasing chaos.”

Set in: Mumbai, India
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